Let me introduce myself, my name is Kapptus and I´m a Spanish brand registered by CSA Netpaydump, S.L., with headquarters in Paseo de la Castellana 93, 10th floor

In order to deepen the knowledge, I have to tell you that my mission is to facilitate commerce to everyone, both inside and outside the Internet, putting in direct contact the sellers and buyers without borders and without intermediaries that do not add value. My vision is to be the first application to fair commerce. My values are honesty, justice and integrity.

The commerce, whose beginnings date back to the late Neolithic, it's what I want to do easy and regarding it, I will use the most modern means, therefore, my creators, thought to give me a name that combines the ancestral, the present and the way that I work.

You know a lot of me, my mission, my vision, my values, would you like to know the etymology of my name?. We begin with the way I do my work; everything revolves around being able to have "captured" the necessary information in order to facilitate commercial transactions. We took the ancestral touch from de latin word captus and κακτος (cactus) of Greek origin. This mixture symbolizes how I have created; robust, secure and resilient. With these two words, we have the ingredients of yesteryear.

Now, we add a "p" to form the term "app" of the Internet world, and we have everything you need, the "K" from the Greek, "app" of the modern world, "tus" from Latin, this is my name, I´m Kapptus.

Maybe you are interested to know where I live, I'll give you some clues, I'm an application for Smartphones and / or Tablets, I like Internet ... sure with these guidelines and you know, I live in the Cloud in one of the main Services suppliers in Spain, specifically in the Regional Centre for Advanced Services.

If you are interested in knowing who created me, you can visit www.csandp.com

Bueno, ahora que ya nos conocemos, si quieres avanzar en otros aspectos míos, puedes seguir enhttp://www.kapptus.com/kapptus.html