In the world of Smartphone applications there are different ways to "monetize" the value they bring, you know, nothing is free in this world. These forms range from advertisements that you can see when you use the application until pay regarding use it. In Kapptus believe that virtue is between both models.

It is a business model in which a part of the functionality is offered without pay money to the bulk of users, while customers who want advanced or premium payable service. The name "freemium" is a contraction of two English words that define "free" and "premium".

We begin by explaining part "free". As you will see on our website, the software modules that enables pay and / or collect are free of charge, i.e., if you are an enterprise, you have the possibility to charge your customers without commissions, and if you are an individual, not charge anything you when you pay something. We will call those modules "Point of Sale and Purchase".

Now we will see the "Premium" part. Usually this block is usually a whole, i.e., by a certain amount, you will access to all functionalities. In Kapptus a Softblade is the activation of an additional functionality which allows access to Value Added Services through a micro payment. Some examples of these Softblades:

  • Party Wallet: If you want to party or do some activity with others, this is your Softblade, a collective wallet with date / time expiration and automatic reimbursement of unused balance.
  • Chain Wallets: Maybe you have a business and want your employees have some wallets chained to the master wallet in order to control the payments and / or collections.
  • Barter Wallet: Do you want to sell or buy something to another person without carrying cash? perfect for use in shared economy.
  • Team Wallet: Have you heard of reverse auction? You like this, choose this Softblade.

This is just a small sample of those who are developing in Kapptus for you, so that together we can break the barriers and reach to have the purchasing power of large multinationals, we can offer direct marketing for SMEs...

We leave some websites with interesting information about the Freemium concept: